Balance helps keep us stay upright and allows us to walk, run, skip and jump-and move in general-without falling.

One of our favourite ways to challenge balance is with a foam roller. Many use the foam roller for myofascial release – a technique likened to self-massage. At Body Harmonics, we us it in creative ways to challenge balance and core.

Check out the class plan below.

Supine (lengthwise on roller)

Pelvic Tilting x 4

Pelvic Rotation x 4

Sagittal Arm Arcs x 4

Lateral Arm Arcs x 4

Breathing + Inner Unit Activation x 4 or x 6

Hip Fold x 4 each side

Abdominal Curl x 4

Abdominal Curl + Hip Fold x 4

Hip Fold + Abdominal Curl x 4

Slip off roller to one side and place it horizontal across mat. Lie on back with knees bent and feet on roller.

Supine (roller horizontal under feet)

Neutral bridge x 3

Articulating bridge x 3

Roll roller away to stretch legs long; keep ankles on roller. Reach arms up to sky and roll up to sitting.

Roll up (with ankles on roller) x 3

End in the seated position

Roll roller toward body and then sit on it horizontally.

Seated (roller horizontal under pelvis)

Spinal extension x 3

Spine Twist x 3 each side

Saw x 3 each side

Spine stretch forward

Bend knees and turn over to lie face down; stretch arms long by ears and place top of forearms on roller

Prone (roller under hands)

Mini swan x 3

Swan x 2

Swan with elbow flexion + extension x 2

Come up to quadruped and do cat/cow x 3; hands can be on roller or not.

Then, move roller down under ankles.


Knee hover with hands on roller x 3

Cat/cow x 3

Hip glide forward and back x 3

Plank with forearms on roller x 1

Knee hover to plank to knee hover – hands on roller x 3

Crawl forward to get ankles off roller and roll up to tall kneeling.

Kneeing (no roller)

Side bend x 3 each side

Kneeling saw x 3 each side

Take roller and place lengthwise on mat; sit at one end with knees bent and feet flat. Stretch arms forward and roll back on to roller.


Hip fold x 3 each side

Sagittal arm arcs x 3

Lateral arm arcs x 3

Breathing and settling into roller.

Slip off roller once more to lie on mat and feel the release of the paraspinal muscles along both sides of the spine.