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Live Online Classes

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Enjoy Pilates & Movement classes live online

Now you can attend a variety of 60-minute live online classes with our expert Toronto Pilates Studio teachers.

Live Unlimited Classes

  • 170+ classes per month (attend as many as you like)
  • Pilates classes with props—beginner & intermediate (purchase a kit below if you don’t have your own props at home)
  • Option to give the gift of live Pilates classes


This is why your mind and body will thank you

  • Quell anxiety and feelings of uncertainty—proven effects of mindful, restorative movement
  • Stay on track by maintaining a regular, healthy routine
  • Increase or maintain muscle system strength and suppleness
  • Improve your golf swing and tennis game
  • Walk or run with greater ease and spring in your step
  • Prevent pain and injury
  • Feel your best, do your best, be your best


$60.00 + HST


$60.00 + HST

Order your surprise grip socks bundle now

Pre-order your at-home Props Kit now


  • Balanced Body Magic Circle
  • Sitfit, also known as balance cushion (brand/colour may vary)

PICK UP1: $90 +HST

quote iconThank you for providing us with this at a time when being shut in the house can be very lonely & depressing. It lifts my spirits, makes me stick to a schedule and keeps me moving.quote icon

Please note

Unlimited Live Classes packages and Live Specialty Series packages are non-refundable (packages are highly subsidized by Body Harmonics). Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.


Please ensure that you have been cleared by your medical doctor to partake in online fitness classes such as Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement live or recorded classes. Please note that we record all Body Harmonics live Zoom classes so that they can be made available to you on our website for the month and via Body Harmonics On Demand at a later date. We make our best effort to show only our teachers in these recordings. If you want to ensure that your image is not recorded, please be sure to stay muted during the main part of the class, and use the comments tool to ask questions/comment. (You may also turn off your video setting if you choose on the lower left on most devices.)

Live Online Class Schedule

Review the schedule below and mark your calendar. Make sure you have purchased an Unlimited Live Classes package as noted above. For information about “How to use Zoom to attend a live online class or session” please scroll down below this list.

How to connect to a class or session using Zoom.us

To connect via your computer/laptop

  • You may go to Zoom.us to set up a free account if you so choose, but you are NOT required to have your own Zoom account to participate.
  • Just click on the link you received from us via email (or copy and paste it into your web browser), and follow the instructions to join a (you may be asked to download Zoom to your computer when you click on the link; if so, please follow the instructions to do so).
  • You can use the same login details throughout August to attend any of our group classes.
  • For private and semi-private pilates and movement sessions, please use the unique login details provided by Body Harmonics Pilates via email for each of your sessions.

To connect using your smart phone

  • Download the Zoom app from App Store or Google Play Store. Simply click the Search icon and type in Zoom.
  • Click GET and you will see the circle in the top right corner draw an outline around itself.
  • When the download is complete, a checkmark will appear in the centre of the circle.
  • Exit the App store and search for the Zoom Icon on your phone screen. Click it and it will open.
  • You may elect to Sign Up and create a Zoom account but you do NOT have to do this; simply click “Join a Meeting” and enter the meeting ID number that you received from us via email when you signed up for your monthly pass (or for your private session).

Existing Studio clients with class packages, please note

  • Existing class packages cannot be used for live online classes. Please purchase an Unlimited Live Online Class package to participate in online classes.
  • Pre-authorized payments for existing class packages have been frozen until we reopen.
  • Expiry dates for class packages purchased prior to our temporary closing will be extended by the number of days our Studios remain closed.


If you have any difficulties or have any questions, please email us at inquiries@bodyharmonics.com, and we will do our best to reply to you in a timely manner. Thank you in advance for your patience as these are extraordinary times and our Front Desk staff is fielding a lot of inquiries.

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