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quote iconI thoroughly enjoyed Pilates Level 1: Mat Express. It was such a thoughtfully laid out program and Jennifer Horvath, our teacher trainer, was absolutely incredible. I'd recommend this program to anyone, and I can't wait to take more of Body Harmonics teacher training in the future!quote icon


quote iconWow, I learned so much more about what you CAN do if you have osteoporosis!quote icon


quote iconI would recommend this program to anyone, and I can't wait to take more Body Harmonics Teacher Training in the future!quote icon


quote iconI leave each class feeling more positive, energized, even taller, with a renewed feeling of freedom that only mindful movement can instill.quote icon


quote iconI would recommend the center to anyone as I doubt you will find a more readily accessible source of information in such a relaxed & caring environment no matter how far you travel.quote icon


quote iconCat’s unique approach to diagnosis and treatment is based on her multi-disciplinary skills. She brings knowledge of Pilates and yoga into her Physiotherapy treatments.quote icon