My husband and I travel often and spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. Planes, heavy luggage, being away from home and missing my regular workout routines takes a toll on my body. The more I travel the more I’ve begin to create little workouts that are energizing, feel good and give me the boost I need while on the road.

I’ve mentioned some of my mini-workouts to clients and have been asked to post something. Just a few days ago I needed to move my body so I asked my husband to record me working out in our hotel room.

Before starting, I noticed my spine was stiff, hips were tight and my backside needed a bit of a boost. I thought of a few sequences I wanted to incorporate and as I went along allowed myself to change things up as my body asked for them. That day, I also had to work within a small, confined room. That was a great chance to get a bit creative with the bed and walls

When I travel, I take a blue extra strength Theraband that’s approx. 7 feet long. It’s lightweight, packs really well and is an awesome way to add a bit of resistance to your workout.

Some of the exercises are variations on Body Harmonics Foundations or Classical exercises and others are other movements that helped to strengthen the body at the time. I’ve noted the sequence below and added descriptions to exercises that may be less familiar to you. I’ve also recorded the sequence for you to reference. Please note, this is my first time doing something like this, so please don’t judge the production value of this video, it’s simply for your reference.



You can view the ENTIRE ROUTINE AT TEMPO (please note, I didn’t talk through this video so it’s silent)

If you like the full routine, feel free to use it at home or when you’re travelling. If you’d prefer to extract pieces of it that work for you, by all means, feel free to do that if it works for you.


Lay on your back on the bed with band around ball of foot

  • leg circles x 4 in each direction
  • bicycle leg x 4
  • point & flex ankle x 4
  • repeat with other foot

Lay on the floor with knees bent holding band folded in half

  • Reach band overhead x 2
  • Keep reaching band overhead + pelvic tilt x 2
  • Keep reaching band overhead + articulated bridge x 4
  • Hold bridge at the top + circle arms (overhead and along body)
  • Hold bridge at the top + keep arms over shoulders + add mini pulse of hips
  • Continue pulsing hips in bridge + lift 1 heel x 4
  • Continue pulsing hips in bridge + lift other heel x 4
  • Continue pulsing hips in bridge + lift both toes/stay on heels x 4

Tie the band around legs just above knees so there’s a little bit of tension on the band (not much)

  • Stay on your back, arms in A frame or at sides
  • 2 legs to table top + lower with control (knees bent and shins are parallel to the floor) x 8
  • Keep feet on the floor and reach arms overhead
  • Abdominal curl x 8
  • Abdominal curl + rotation (rock from one shoulder blade to the other) x 8
  • Abdominal curl + small pulses towards legs and down x 8

Keep band around thighs and lay on your side, resting head on bottom arm

  • Lift top leg away from bottom leg (there should be some resistance from the band)
  • Clam (keep feet stacked and leg top knee lifts to hip height like a clam shell opening up)

Lay on back with band still around the knees, feet dangled this time

  • Hip sways – rock hips to R buttock, then to L buttock x 4
  • Continue swaying hips + reach top leg long x 4
  • Continue swaying hips with both legs stretched out long x 4

REPEAT ON SIDE 2: Keep band around thighs and lay on your side, resting head on bottom arm

  • Lift top leg away from bottom leg (there should be some resistance from the band)
  • Clam (keep feet stacked and leg top knee lifts to hip height like a clam shell opening up)

Untie band from legs

Onto your hands and knees with band placed around the back of you rib cage

  • Shoulder blade glides x 4
  • Cat/cow x 4
  • Waving cat x 8
  • Single arm reach alternating arms x 4
  • Single arm + leg reach alternating sides x 4
  • Hold leg up + draw circles I each direction with leg
  • Hold other leg up + draw circles in each direction
  • Cat/cow x 4

Tall kneeling with band around back of rib cage, ends of band criss crossed in front of your body

  • External shoulder rotation for rotator cuff x 4
  • Pulling sword x 4
  • Keep arms at T + rotate spine

Stand by door or wall with slippery surface, no band

  • Back of head, shoulders and buttocks against the wall, feet slightly away
  • Roll downs x 4
  • Step legs away from wall
  • Squats with back against the wall x 4
  • Squats with back against the wall + lift one heel x 4
  • Squats with back against the wall + lift other heel x 4
  • Squats with back against the wall with both feet on floor + lower a bit x 4
  • Hold squat + bring arms behind back of head + side bend x 8

Take the band and place it under the L foot, stretch across back and hold in R hand so it makes a long diagonal

  • Reach band across towards opposite baby toe + feel band stretch across the back
  • Return to standing position slowly + resisting the band

* do your best to peel away from the wall and control this entire motion in both directions

** note: I began another idea at the end of this series and didn’t like it so I decided to scrap it – just disregard in the video

Leg go of the band and turn to face the wall or door

  • Wall push-ups with arms wide at shoulder height x 4
  • Wall push-ups with amrs narrw and elbows tucked x 4
  • Wall jumps opening and closing the arms (like a jumping jack) x 8
  • Wall jumps keeping arms wide + bringing one arm higher and the other lower (there will be a slight side bend with this as well – don’t resist it) x8

Stay standing and face a wall or door, arms wide with pinky fingers on wall, palms facing each other

  • Gentle lunge forward with one foot
  • Imagine puppet strings pulling the fingers towards the sky as you let your arms stretch, follow hands with eyes and let your spine extend x 4
  • Repeat with other leg forward x

Lay on your stomach on the bed with chest off the end of the bed, hands can reach towards the floor

  • Single arm reach by ear x 8
  • Bend both elbows and turn palms to sky, Keeping elbows bend, arc bent arms towards the sky – only go as far as your shoulders will allow (this should feel great in your back) x 8
  • Diamond arms x 8



Author: Larisa Makuch

Larisa Makuch Pilates Larisa Makuch is a Pilates & Movement teacher, teacher trainer and ELDOA instructor. She draws on her experiences to create innovative teaching and business strategies. Larisa has a Body Harmonics Comprehensive Pilates diploma, several Specialist diplomas and a BA.

“For me it’s all about helping people move better, feel better and build their confidence each and every day. I especially enjoy those ‘aha’ moments when clients and colleagues make discoveries that translate into more freedom, more joy and less pain in their lives.”