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Post Rehab Specialist - 125 hours

About the Specialist Designations

If your work includes movement education, exercise or manual therapy, our Specialist programs will deepen your expertise. Each of the three designations teaches you strategies that help clients of all ages and abilities move optimally and naturally. This spells health on many levels, and makes for meaningful and lasting change in people’s lives.

Professionals from many fields complete our Specialist programs. It is not mandatory to have a Pilates background to participate. We strongly recommend that you speak with our Teacher Advisor prior to enrolment to understand how each designation is structured and how to proceed towards completion.

Learning objectives

In the Post Rehab Specialist program the focus is on restoring optimal movement to the body for improved function. Instead of approaching movement impairments as a series of problems to fix, we teach you to focus on what is working, and to figure out how to support that level of function while addressing the impairments simultaneously. You learn assessment skills related to multiple movement impairments and conditions, as well as simple protocols and problem-solving strategies to create ease of movement and functional support in the body, head to toe. Key exercise protocols are presented in every workshop to help restore optimal movement function in the spine and limbs, as well as specific modification protocols based on client needs.

Upon successful completion of all requirements

You will receive a diploma that reflects this mastery level of training.

Estimated timeframe for program completion

3-5 years


The order in which compulsory workshops are listed reflects logical progression of the content. The elective workshops are listed based on the level and in alphabetical order.

Choose 41 hours of electives

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