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Postural Analysis


This workshop is all about posture and postural patterns. We work interactively to look at posture from head to foot. You will learn how to observe postural patterns from several perspectives, and will take away key exercises to help improve a person’s structure at every major joint of the body. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn a methodical approach to observing static postural patterns from a variety of perspectives
  • Observe your peers to see living examples of postural patterns and how they play out in real life
  • Learn a universally balanced protocol for posture re-patterning that has positive effects on both static posture and dynamic movement

CECs | Level

12 | Beginner


Tuition: $480
Tax: 13% HST


September 16-17 (Toronto): 1-7pm

April 21–22, 2018 (Vancouver): 10am–4pm


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