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Mind-Body Exercise for Men


In this workshop, you will look at key ways to communicate with male clients, so a mind-body approach to exercise makes sense and feels impactful to them. We will zero in on exercise sequences that draw men’s attention and relate to sports and other activities men love participating in. Whether they are weekend warriors, true athletes, or back pain sufferers, men have been underrepresented in our classes for too long, missing out on the profound benefits of connecting the mind to the body. We also look at some of the typical physical challenges men face in female-dominated classes and trace these to biomechanical characteristics unique to men.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with men in the Pilates/exercise context for optimal results
  • Learn about the unique structure of the male body that makes certain positions, movements and exercises frustrating and difficult for men
  • Learn how to design a class to target men, their expectations, strength, flexibility and postural needs

CECs | Level

3 | Beginner


Tuition: $120
Tax: 13% HST




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