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Hip Replacements


Hip replacement is the most common orthopedic operation nowadays, and with an aging population, this trend is certain to continue. As movement educators, we can play an integral role in both pre-hab and rehab phases with people in need of and recovering from a hip replacement surgery. Open to teachers of all levels, this workshop clarifies what a hip replacement is, when it is recommended, and the issues associated with a hip replacement surgery. In addition, we will look at a variety of highly recommended exercises and movement techniques for people in hip replacement pre-hab and rehab.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about a hip replacement: who qualifies for it, what the surgery entails, and what projected outcomes are
  • Learn how to intervene in the prehab stage of a hip replacement surgery
  • Learn how to help someone recover and restore function post-surgery

CECs | Level

3 | Intermediate


Tuition: $120
Tax: 13% HST




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