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Build Your Team to Build Your Business


Everyone would agree that a strong team is important for a thriving business. What isn’t so clear is how to build such a team, the amount of time it takes or the ebb and flow of the day-to-day until that team is in place. In this workshop we lay out key steps to guide the process and give you a clear to-do list, what and how to spend your time on, so you get where you want to go.

Learning Objectives

• Define what type of leader you want to be and what may be standing in the way

• Understand the work stages of directive to autonomous and how to lead people anywhere on this continuum

• Learn to direct attention and energy in the most effective ways at any given moment

CECs | Level

3 | All


Tuition: $120
Tax: 13% HST


Thur, Mar 29, 2018 (Toronto): 5–8pm

Sat, Dec 8, 2018 (Toronto): 1–4pm


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