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Pilates Level 2: Reformer (270 hours)

Pilates Level 2: Reformer builds on the concepts of Level 1: Mat. It is also divided in four modules. We start with postural and functional assessments as the backdrop to more than 150 exercises and modifications. We use the Pilates reformer as the primary piece of equipment, and work through beginner, intermediate and advanced repertoire in modules 1, 2 and 3. Module 4 is devoted to practice and personalized feedback. You leave knowing how to build bodies with balanced strength and flexibility, improve movement and function, manage injuries, and how to fine-tune athletic performance. You develop skills to teach functional and challenging reformer group classes and one-on-one sessions.

You will learn:

  • Complete Pilates Reformer repertoire
  • Exercise modifications and variations for all levels
  • Protocols to work with individual clients in one-on-one setting
  • Versatile class design practices for the group machine class environment
  • Basic postural assessment techniques and functional anatomy related to spine, lower limb and upper limb

Program requirements include:


• Pre-requisite: Pilates Level1: Mat


• Module 1: Pilates Reformer Foundations

• Module 2: Pilates Reformer Intermediate

• Module 3: Pilates Reformer Advanced

• Module 4: Pilates Reformer Practical Application

• Practice teaching (minimum 100 hours)

If you complete your practice teaching hours at the Body Harmonics Studios in Toronto, your clients pay a nominal fee of $20 by cash (tax included) per hour session.

If you complete your practice teaching hours elsewhere where you have access to the machine, you will still be responsible to track your teaching hours including sign off by your clients. External session fees are at your own discretion.

• Self-practice (minimum 100 hours)

Self-practice hours can be completed by practicing on the machine on your own or with your peers. You also have the option of taking Pilates mat and machine classes. At Body Harmonics Studios in Toronto, graduate teachers and teachers-in-training are entitled to the exclusive drop-in rates for mat and machine classes. If the program takes place at an affiliate location, the class fees are at the discretion of the facility management.

• Home study/review (approx. 48 hours)

• Written exam

• Practical exam

Additional Information

The program content progresses from one module to the next. As a result, modules must be completed in sequential order to make your learning experience complete and meaningful. To fully benefit from the program, it is in your best interest to commit to the entire time frame. If you happen to miss an hour or more, our Teacher Training Coordinator will assist you with scheduling a private tutorial to make up the missed hours. This private tutorial is an extra cost, and should be completed prior to re-joining the program.

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Course Fees

Tuition: $3000
Exams: $190
Materials: $285
Shipping (affiliate locations): current Canada Post rates
Tax: 13% HST


Winter/Spring 2017 (Guelph)

Module 1: Jan 27-29 (1-7pm)
Module 2: Feb 24-26 (1-7pm)
Module 3: Mar 24-26 (1-7pm)
Module 4: Apr 21-23 (1-7pm)
Written exam: May 5 (online)
Practical exam: Aug 25 (12pm)

Spring/Summer 2017 (Toronto)

Module 1: Apr 7-9 (1:30-7:30pm)
Module 2: Apr 28-30 (1:30-7:30pm)
Module 3: May 26-28 (1:30-7:30pm)
Module 4: Jun 16-18 (1:30-7:30pm)
Written exam: Jul 15 (online)
Practical exam: Oct 14 (2:30 - 5pm)

Summer 2017 (Toronto)

July 17-27 (12:30-7:30pm)

Fall/Winter 2017 (Toronto)

Module 1: Sep 22-24 (1:30-7:30pm)
Module 2: Oct 27-29 (1:30-7:30pm)
Module 3: Nov 17-19 (1:30-7:30pm)
Module 4: Dec 8-10 (1:30-7:30pm)
Written exam: Jan 6, 2018 (online)
Practical exam: Apr 14, 2018 (2:30-5pm)

Fall 2017 (Montreal) *Delivered in English

Module 1: Oct 13-15 (1:30-7:30pm)
Module 2: Oct 27-29 (1:30-7:30pm)
Module 3: Nov 10-12 (1:30-7:30pm)
Module 4: Nov 24-26 (1:30-7:30pm)
Written exam: Dec 17 (online)
Practical exam: Mar 3, 2018

Fall/Winter 2017 (Vancouver)

Module 1: Oct 27 (4–8pm), Oct 28 (10am–6pm), Oct 29 (10am–4pm)
Module 2: Nov 10 (4–8pm), Nov 11 (10am–6pm), Nov 12 (10am–4pm)
Module 3: Nov 24 (4–8pm), Nov 25 (10am–6pm), Nov 26 (10am–4pm)
Module 4: Dec 8 (4–8pm), Dec 9 (10am–6pm), Dec 10 (10am–4pm)
Written and practical exam dates: TBD


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