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Pricing and Policies

Welcome Packs

Introductory Consultation

Come in for a consultation and let us help you figure out how BODY HARMONICS can help you get the results you want and find the program that suits you best.


Machine Tutorials

Mandatory sessions for anyone with Pilates Mat experience, and new to the fames Reformer or Springboard machine. After your tutorial go straight into group Machine classes!



SMART START sets you up for success and transforms how you feel and look! 90 days to a new you, SMART START includes an initial consultation, 25 classes that build from one level to the next, and a final progress check-in so you know what to do next. With Beginner-Intermediate and Intermediate-Advanced options, we can help you design the program that works best for you.


Ultimate Intro Packs


6 One-on-one Sessions + 6 Pilates Classes

(Save $128!)


12 One-on-one Sessions + 12 Pilates Classes

(Save $255!)


24 One-on-one Sessions + 24 Pilates Classes

(Save $510!)

  • ‚ÄčEach Intro Pack includes a full movement and biomechanics assessment.
  • Your one-on-one sessions include expert instruction tailored to your goals.

Group classes can be used in conjunction with one-on-one sessions at a later date as recommended by the teacher.

Lifestyle Packs

* = Monthly Packages

Mat Class

1x per Week


2x per Week


Machine Class

1x per Week


2x per Week


All You Can!

Mat and Machine




Class Cards

Drop-in Class Cards

Single Mat Class


Single Machine Class


Mat 10 Class Card


Machine 10 Class Card (Reformer or Springboard)


Private and Semi-Private Training

The range of fees reflects teacher expertise, education and tenure at BODY HARMONICS.


1-9 Sessions

$71-$85 ea.

10-24 Sessions

$68-$80 ea.

25-49 Sessions

$66-$76 ea.

50+ Sessions

$64-$74 ea.


1-9 Sessions

$50-$64 ea.

10-24 Sessions

$47-$59 ea.

25-49 Sessions

$45-$55 ea.

50+ Sessions

$43-$53 ea.