For Greater Wellbeing

Specialty Pilates

DUP Available at Dupont

EGL Available at Eglinton

STR Bone Strengthening

SAF Bone Safe

Mat Work

Core Essentials


No nonsense | Targeted | Clinically proven. Core Essentials builds the basics that keep our backs strong and free of chronic pain and tension. If you have even a slight history of lower back issues this class will transform your core and set you up for continued success, future strength and flexibility gains and pain-free movement.



ELDOA is a perfect complement to your Pilates classes. It's for everyone! ELDOA is a revolutionary stretching and strengthening movement technique developed by French Osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer. ELDOA strengthens and normalizes function of the connective tissue along the entire spine, reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs and increases blood flow.

Neurological Classes


These classes are specially designed for people with nervous system conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. Classes progress according to the capabilities of the participants and are intended to be gentle and supportive for the whole body. Assistants welcome. Neuro 1—person requires assistance Neuro 2—person moves without the need of assistance Neuro Active — person can stand unassisted for a period of time For more info contact Nancy McKinnon


Restorative Reformer


Use the unique spring resistance system of the Pilates reformer and modified therapeutically focused exercises to gently but effectively strengthen, align and stretch your whole body. Beneficial and safe for clients with arthritis or other joint issues, osteoporosis or injuries or conditions preventing them from participating in other reformer classes. Ideal for pre-hab and post-rehab for hip, knee and other joint replacements.

Teen Reformer


Pilates tailored to teens 14-17. Upbeat and fun, every class helps you lay the groundwork for toned muscles, great posture, balanced strength and flexibility and graceful movement for life! Classes are pre-registered in blocks over the school year.

Pre Natal Reformer


For pre natal women at all stages of pregnancy this class is designed to support postural changes over the nine months while keeping you energized, toned and ache-free. You will build strength around the midriff appropriate for pregnancy and condition your upper body and legs too. Our goal is for you to feel ready for the physical demands that come with the joys of a new baby! Come and enjoy a class with other moms-to-be and leave feeling ready to take on your week. Pre Natal Reformer is a preregistered series of classes that occurs at various times through the year at each studio.

Mom and Baby Reformer


Our Post Natal Pilates class is designed to meet the needs of moms and babies at the same time. You get your body moving and exercising, strengthening and toning. The atmosphere is casual and you are encouraged to participate according to your and your baby’s needs. A great way to get in shape and meet other new moms. Reformer experience recommended but not required. Moms and Baby Reformer is a preregistered series of classes that occurs at various times throughout the year at each studio.