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Reformer Foundations


If you are new to the Pilates machines Reformer Foundations is the place to start. We focus on key resistance exercises to build strength and flexibility. Core control and strength endurance are key benefits that are part of every exercise and sequence of movements.

Core Reformer


Core Reformer is the next step after Reformer Foundations. It is a balanced workout that really starts to challenge how you use your core in relation to the resistance provided by the Reformer machines. You will build on key Pilates principles of core control, fluid motion and coordination.


Reformer Trim & Tone


Reformer Trim & Tone is an intermediate level class with a perfect balance between strength and flexibility training. Intended for people who want to work hard and also feel stretched out at the end of class. Simple moves, lots of flow and a great test of your strength endurance as you build long, lean muscles.

Intense Reformer


Intense Reformer is a strong intermediate level class and an ideal opportunity to experience the power and versatility of the Reformer Machine. Exercises are simple enough to master with an intensity level that allows you to really feel your body working and strengthening to its maximum.


Reformer Cardio + Conditioning


An energetic class that combines spring resistance strength training on Reformer and cardio intervals with the incredible jump board tower. This combo is proven to rev up your metabolism and build lean muscle. A full body class at a strong intermediate to advanced level.



Work up a sweat, sculpt your entire body and build bone density with intensity. It all comes down to little cells called Osteoblasts. These are the bone cells responsible for forming and mineralizing your bones. This class is non-stop resistance training at its best. We combine Reformer and hand held resistance equipment for fifty-five minutes of intense exercise that blasts those bone cells into action. Ideal for people interested in building bone density.

Advanced Challenge

Reformer Body Sculpt


Reformer Body Sculpt is an advanced level class that builds lots of challenge and complexity. Streamlined and flowing, this workout really tones the body from the inside out. Core control, concentration as well as upper and lower body strengthening are part of every class.

Reformer Bootcamp


Reformer Bootcamp is a fat burning, muscle building, cardio combo. The Reformer teams up with the small apparatus to challenge your entire body, get your heart pumping and legs quivering.

Powerhouse Pilates Early Morning Blitz


Start your weekends off right this summer with a powerful workout! Powerhouse Morning Blitz is a four-week blitz that combines dynamic training and Pilates with advanced core conditioning. This is a full-body conditioning program that will improve your muscle to fat ratio and increase your core alignment and control. Get a little sweaty, get a little shaky, get a lean and powerful body.

Speciality Groups

Restorative Reformer


Use the unique spring resistance system of the Pilates Reformer and modified therapeutically focused exercises to gently but effectively strengthen, align and stretch your whole body. Beneficial and safe for clients with arthritis or other joint issues, osteoporosis or injuries or conditions preventing them from participating in other reformer classes. Ideal for pre-hab and post-rehab for hip, knee and other joint replacements

Teen Reformer


Pilates tailored to teens 14-17. Upbeat and fun, every class helps you lay the groundwork for toned muscles, great posture, balanced strength and flexibility and graceful movement for the rest of your life.

Prenatal Reformer


This class is intended for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy and is designed to support postural changes over the nine months while keeping you energized, toned and ache-free. You will build strength around the midriff appropriate for pregnancy and condition your upper body and legs too so pregnancy feels good and you are ready for physical demands that come with the joys of a new baby. Come and enjoy a class with other mums-to-be and leave feeling ready to take on your week. Prenatal Pilates is a pre-registered class and runs in 13 week blocks.

Post Natal Pilates


Our Post natal Pilates class is a 13 week pre-registered series designed to meet the needs of moms and babies at the same time. You get your body moving and exercising, strengthening and toning. Atmosphere is casual and you are encouraged to participate according to your baby’s needs. A great way to get in shape and meet other new moms. Reformer experience recommended.


The Buzz

To Larisa Makuch, Pilates Teacher:
"I am deeply grateful for your Monday Reformer class. You are an excellent teacher and I am reaping the benefits. My body has been in a lot of pain in the past 2 years and no treatment has helped me as much as your class. It actually decreases the amount of pain that I am in. Thank you so much for the great work that you bring to all of us." - Angie B.


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