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Tatiana Calabria

Tatiana Calabria

My Philosophy of Pilates:

​From an early age, I have learned to love human movement and its different forms of expression. Through movement it is possible to find the power of cure for those who are in need, prevent injuries and achieve personal goals. 

What I love most about Pilates is the many possibilities of movements depending on what is best for each person. Pilates is for everyone! I want my clients to understand how their bodies move and what they really need. I truly believe that body awareness can help to improve quality of life. My goal is to find a functional balance in my clients' physical abilities and make them feel energized and connected. 

The philosophy of contrology as well as body and mind working together are something that inspires me. I'm grateful for the opportunity to help people by using this method.

My Areas of Expertise:


Spinal disorders, disc herniation, spondylolisthesis

Orthopedic injuries  

Older adults  

Education & Training:

​Continuing Education Workshops at Body Harmonics 

Pilates Mat Diploma: Body Harmonics (2017) 

PMA Certified Pilates Teacher (2017) 

Full Classical Pilates Certification: Pilates Zone (2016)

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (2013)

Pilates Mat & Props Certification: Pilates Zone (2011)

Full Contemporary Pilates Certification: Pilates Zone (2011) 

Bachelor in Physical Education (2008)

Roles at Body Harmonics:

​Pilates Teacher