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Sharon Harvey

Sharon Harvey

My Philosophy of Pilates:

​ “The Art comes from the meticulous movement of the technique.”

My philosophy of Pilates appears a full circle as a dancer, teacher, movement dramaturg and a performance artist. Pilates gives breath and depth to the simplest movements, suppleness and strength to the most dynamic ones. It promotes awareness to detail and offers the opportunity to find our own efficient way to move. 

In my experience working with clients, I spend a lot of time observing everyday habits that inhibit freedom of movement. I use Pilates as a tool to deconstruct inefficient patterns and create new ways of moving with ease and fluidity. 

My goal is to educate clients about moving with purpose and confidence in the direction of good health. 

My Areas of Expertise:

​Movement re-education


Athletic conditioning

Education & Training:

​Pilates Mat and Equipment certification: Body Harmonics

CI-Training(Conditioning through imagery) Level I,II

BalleCore Level I,II

Zena Rommett Floor Barre

Irene Dowd Method

Eric Franklyn Method

Trigger Point Foam Rolling I

Pre-Point Conditioning


Continuing education workshops at Body Harmonics and Physical Mind Institute


​Pilates Teacher