For Greater Wellbeing

Nancy McKinnon

Nancy McKinnon

My Philosophy of Pilates:

​What I love most about this work is guiding people to learn about their body and have them leave feeling better than when they arrived. My teaching is inspired from tuning into what a person needs, observing their movements attentively, and using creative methods to elicit positive changes.

I have played a decisive role in mentoring teachers at all stages of their professional development. Over the last twelve years I have spearheaded the co-ordination and instruction of the three-level Neuro program, which exists to make Pilates accessible to people with varied physical challenges and aids in their quality of life and well-being.

My Areas of Expertise:


​People with neurological challenges, particularly MS or Parkinson's Disease

Teacher training

Education & Training:

​Pilates Mat Certification: Physical Mind Institute (1999)

Pilates Equipment Certification: Body Harmonics (2001)

Many continuing education workshops at Body Harmonics

Roles at Body Harmonics:

Pilates Teacher

Teacher Trainer

Teacher Mentor​