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Melissa Colins

Melissa Colins

My Philosophy of Pilates:

​By nature I'm curious and love solving problems. When I came to Pilates, I was looking for movement that would help me develop strength. And I wanted to eliminate the need to do the lifelong 'homework' that my physiotherapist assigned me. I found that and more! What I discovered is a lifelong practice that enables me to move to the best of my ability in any situation. How amazing is that? 

My goal at BODY HARMONICS is to share the tools of Pilates with everyone who wants to build strength, so that they move with ease in all aspects of their life. My hope is that you'll have fun while we move. I draw on my creative experience as a landscape designer to build and share movement sequences that don't feel like 'homework'. But if you do want homework, I can suggest some! 

My Areas of Expertise:

​Functional movement

Maturing adults

Motorsport enthusiasts and athletes (prehab and rehab)

Education & Training:

Pilates Reformer Certification: Body Harmonics (2016)

Pilates ​Mat Work Certification: Body Harmonics (2015)

Many continuing education workshops at Body Harmonics

Roles at Body Harmonics:

​Pilates Teacher

Teacher Advisor