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Joyce Cruvinel

Joyce Cruvinel

My Philosophy of Pilates:

​I fell in love with Pilates nearly 20 years ago. It helped me overcome an arm injury. It was a very powerful experience as I regained the physical strength, flexibility and range of motion I had completely lost in my arm. Amazed with my own results, I decided to become a Pilates teacher and share its benefits with others. 

Since then, I’ve explored a variety of movement and manual therapy forms with ​Rolfing® being my favorite. This is another tool to help me and my clients systematically balance and optimize the structure and function of the body, overcome injury, improve posture and reduce chronic pain. Alignment is key to success and optimizing it excites me.

My Areas of Expertise:

​Rolfing® Structural Integration 

Assessment and treatment of movement dysfunction

Rehabilitation of chronic conditions

Post rehabilitation

Postural disorder and gait analysis

Pre- and post-natal Pilates

Education & Training:

​Rolfing® Structural Integration Certification (2015)

Sivananda Yoga Teacher Certification (2012)

Myofascial Stretching and ELDOA Instructor (2011)

Pilates Equipment Certification: Stott Pilates (2009)

Pilates Mat and Reformer Certification: Stott Pilates (2008)

Master degree in Human Kinesiology (2005)

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (1990)

Full Licentiate degree in Physical Education (1986)

Many continuing education workshops at Body Harmonics

Roles at Body Harmonics:

​Pilates Teacher

Rolfing Practitioner