For Greater Wellbeing

Clarissa Pena

Clarissa Pena

My Philosophy of Pilates:

​I use Pilates to help clients improve health and search for well-being and better quality of life. My goal in teaching Pilates is to help clients become more aware of their own sensations, show people that they can gain a deeper control over their own body, and learn how to alleviate discomfort. Pilates allows the recovery of flexibility, strength and harmony of movement and the body.

My Areas of Expertise:

Disc herniation, spinal disorders, postural disorders

Neurological disorders

Post rehabilitation​

Education & Training:

​Pilates Mat Certification: Stott Pilates (2008)

Pilates Reformer Certification: Stott Pilates (2008)

Pilates Equipment Certification: Body Harmonics (2010)

Many continuing education workshops at Body Harmonics

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (1996)

Post-graduate studies and research in neurological disorders (2003)

Roles at Body Harmonics:

​Pilates Teacher

Teacher Trainer