For Greater Wellbeing

Bruna Tiné

Bruna Tiné

My Philosophy of Pilates:

​When health and physical activity are put in perspective, the possibilities are endless. This is what I want to pass on when I am teaching. Each time you walk into my class or attend a private session, my goal is to make each moment purposeful, enjoyable and motivational. Through Pilates I have been able to learn how to connect body and mind, and this is what I love to share. 

I encourage you to learn and explore how your own body works. Putting that insight together with my expertise in functional training, I feel we can improve your quality of life.

My Areas of Expertise:

​Fitness enthusiasts

Functional training

Strength training

Education & Training:

​Pilates Mat Diploma: Body Harmonics (2017)

Pilates Full Certification: Pilates Zone (2012)

Strength Training: YMCA (2017) 

Individual Conditioning Instructor: YMCA (2016)

Functional Training Full Certification: Core 360° (2013)

Bachelor in Physical Education (2009)

Roles at Body Harmonics:

​Pilates Teacher