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Bonnie Jeng

Bonnie Jeng

My Philosophy of Pilates:

I have a strong passion and appreciation for working with a spectrum of movement dysfunctions in both able-bodied and injured clients. I specialize in neurological physiotherapy, with extensive experience working with various neurological injuries, including stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis. Incorporating Pilates into my physical therapy practice enables me to promote conscious awareness of the body, and empower people to become better movers.​

My Areas of Expertise:


Advanced training in the Bobath Concept

Graston Technique

Neurological physiotherapy​

Education & Training:

Pilates ​Mat Certification: Body Harmonics (2005)

Pilates Equipment Certification: Body Harmonics (2006)

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (2003)

Honours Bachelor of Science (1999)

Roles at Body Harmonics:


Pilates Teacher

Teacher Trainer