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Barbara Lopes de Silva

Barbara Lopes de Silva

My Philosophy of Pilates:

​I believe that moving is the best way for your body to heal itself. It’s a form of self-care. Motion is lotion!​ I love Pilates for its flowing movement and its unique capacity to transform the body while building strength and flexibility. When I’m working with a client, my focus is on contemporary, intelligent, biomechanically efficient exercises that provide maximum results through precise alignment and controlled movements.

My Areas of Expertise:


Assessment and treatment of movement dysfunction

Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions

Postural disorders

Education & Training:

​​Pilates Mat Certification: Body Harmonics (2017)

Pilates Full Certification: Yali Pilates (2012)

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (2012)

Continuing education workshops at Body Harmonics

Roles at Body Harmonics:

​Pilates Teacher