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Post-Natal Reconditioning

Abdonimal Reconditioning

Mummy tummy, or diastasis, happens to up to 90% of pregnant women. It is a separation between the right and left sides of the rectus abdominis muscle that contributes to lower back, shoulder and pelvic floor issues to name a few.

Most moms, regardless of age, think of this condition as part of motherhood and something to live with. So many women suffer unnecessarily, but the good news is that specialized exercise-based intervention can help dramatically. 


  • A strong core that is supporting you from the inside out
  • Significant reduction or elimination of lower back pain
  • Increased elasticity and tone in the muscles of your pelvic floor
  • No more leaking when you cough or laugh
  • Improved sexual function
  • Improved posture

About the Practitioner(s) Fahmida Bhabha

Fahmida Bhabha, BODY HARMONICS Pilates Certified Teacher, brings 9 years of teaching Pilates, movement re-education, post-natal rehab and fascial release together to offer this integrated reconditioning program for post-natal women of any age. With a keen eye for detail and a rich knowledge base to draw from, Fahmida helps women feel better and understand the how and why of post-natal reconditioning for best results.

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Introductory consultation


Abdominal reconditioning pack -
Over a series of 8 sessions we work systematically to build functional support in your midriff, pelvis and hips so you stand straighter, feel taller and more toned, and are on your way to moving without leakage or pain


Single session (60 minutes)



13% HST