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MAT (Muscle Activation Technique)

Movement is fundamental to our health. A muscle's ability to contract efficiently is critical for optimal movement.

When muscles don't contract efficiently, range of motion and overall physical performance are compromised. The MAT Specialist is able to determine which muscles lost their ability to contract efficiently. A manual muscle activation technique is then applied to restore the muscle's efficiency. Afterwards, movement in the joint is tested to ensure that the restored range of motion is well balanced with the renewed degree of the muscle's contractability.


MAT increases range of motion and strength, improving the overall physical performance. The technique is gentle and non-invasive. It instantly demonstrates how critical the muscle’s ability to contract is to any type of movement.

What to expect

The session takes place on a massage table. It begins with an assessment using various movements and gentle palpations by the MAT Specialist. Then the interplay between a gentle manual muscle activation and re-assessment begins. The technique may feel subtle. However, once you stand and check your range of motion, you realize how profound the results are.

About the Practitioner(s)

Sue-Anne Watkins Sue-Anne is a Certified Muscle Activation Technique Specialist. She studied under MAT Founder, Gregg Roskopf, in Denver, Colorado and received her certification in this exciting new technique in 2009. Having taught yoga and Pilates for 10 years, she has a deep understanding and an abundance of experience working with movement and muscle control. Sue-Anne realizes the difficulty and frustration experienced by people when limited range of motion and weakness hinders their performance in daily activities. She is dedicated in helping you achieve your movement goals.

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15 minutes consultation


60 minutes


5 session pack––60 minutes each



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