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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork developed to reduce the body’s stress levels and relieve acute or chronic pain. It stimulates and supports the body’s natural abilities to heal itself. Bowen Therapy benefits people of all ages and physical abilities.

Bowen works with the body to:

  • Reset the autonomic nervous system into the deep relaxation and healing mode
  • Improve recovery time from surgery or injury from sports or accident
  • Release fascia and muscle tension
  • Improve skeletal alignment for better joint mobility and posture
  • Improve circulation
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Improve the immune system
  • Improve hydration and nutrient absorption
  • Restore the natural flow of vital energy (Chi)
  • Readjust hormone levels helping to restore chemical balance
  • Promote holistic balance physically and emotionally

What to expect

Bowen work consists of a series of gentle rolling moves on specific areas of the body. Frequent pauses in-between allow the body time to fully respond. Each person will respond differently, healing at their own pace. You lie on a treatment table or are seated. Bowen moves are performed either on the skin or through light, loose clothing, based on your preference.

During the first session, we will discuss your medical history, reasons for coming, and include a treatment. Each follow-up session begins with an update on how you have responded to the previous one to determine the next course of treatment. Each session is 45-60 minutes. Acute conditions usually respond in 1-3 sessions. Additional sessions may be required for chronic health problems. Sessions are booked 7-10 days apart.

Following treatment, it is recommended that you forgo any other manipulative or energetic therapies for five days as your body is still going through adjustments to re-organize and heal.

Conditions that respond well

  • Musculoskeletal pain such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, neck pain, migraines, back pain, sciatica, hip, knee, foot or ankle problems, arthritic pain
  • Digestive disorders including colic
  • Gynaecological problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Depression, earaches, fibromyalgia and much more

About the Practitioner(s) Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon, Bowen Therapist, BODY HARMONICS Pilates Certified Teacher

For six years, I suffered from chronic low back pain. I had to be careful how I got out of bed, how I stepped off a curb, how I sat, how I stood and how I bent down. My life was full of restrictions. I felt old. After trying many therapies over the years I had four sessions of Bowen and my pain melted away. That was 10 years ago. Now I have my life back. I was, and am, so astounded by the subtlety and profound strength of this therapy that I had to find out more. In the process, Bowen Therapy has become the deeply rewarding focus of my life’s work.

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60 minutes


5 session bundle



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