For Greater Wellbeing

BODY HARMONICS brings movement, health, and education together to transform lives from the inside out.

At our Pilates studios, we help you build optimal strength and movement in your entire body. In any of our classes or one-on-one sessions, we aim to preserve and build the best functional patterns of movement your body is capable of. Why? Because it feels and looks best and has staying power.

Our classes and one-on-one sessions are for you if...

- You want to feel strong, tall, and tension-free during and after a class or session

- You want an integrated exercise program rooted in research and sound movement principles

- You understand that change takes time and a systematic approach

- You like an intimate setting where people know you and you know them

‚ÄčOur  health clinic services include osteopathy, naturopathy, holistic nutrition, and massage therapy. This way, you have options for specific health issues and concerns. We want your whole self to be well, and each practitioner is there to get you to your best. 

Our health clinic services are for you if...

- You want to complement your exercise regimen with manual therapy and overall health and wellbeing

- You want a selection of experienced practitioners, including massage therapists, physiotherapists, shiatsu massage therapists, naturopaths, holistic nutritionists, and muscle activation technique specialists

- You want practitioners who work with each other and your Pilates teachers, all in one location!

‚ÄčOur international teacher training program is the educational cornerstone of BODY HARMONICS, and everyone is welcome!

Our courses are for you if...

- You want to learn the Pilates repertoire and understand how to use it for building bodies full of power and grace

- You want to learn functional anatomy - how all the body parts work together

- You want simple explanations for complex concepts

- You want lots of hands-on practice

- You want to be part of a larger community of movement professionals and enthusiasts who learn and grow together


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