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Running Mechanics and Protocols


This workshop reviews efficient and inefficient running techniques and their effects on stride, endurance and injury prevention. You will leave with simple techniques and exercise sequences that will allow you to effectively address the challenges your clients face as they hit the pavement. Your running clients will run taller and stronger, with a stride that is longer and more fluid.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of different running techniques so you are able to assess what works for and against your running clients
  • Learn to observe efficient and inefficient technique
  • Experience a variety of exercises designed to restore fluidity, grace and power to the runner’s stride

Here's what our clients say about the workshop:

"I really enjoyed your Running Mechanics course this weekend. I loved Fahmida's spin on some of the original material, and her cues... After doing some of the exercises yesterday, and doing them again in my class this morning (yup, took it right into my first class) I noticed how much longer my quad muscles felt and not looking as bulky, and better still, how much straighter my lordotic spine was after doing them. Also, I suffer from thoracic outlet syndrome and nerve compression, and so often have numb hands through the night.  I did the "spiderman" exercises again and had very little numbing throughout the night. Brilliant! Thanks so much!" - KC, Whitby, ON




Tuition: $120
Tax: 13% HST




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