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Body Harmonics Teacher Training

What Body Harmonics Teacher Training is all about

Body Harmonics Teacher Training is about you, your journey and your success. Every part of our curriculum—from technical know-how and exercise analysis to teaching methodology and best business practices—is designed to build your confidence and competence. Our goal is to equip and support you as a professional so that you can see the ability and potential in your clients and help them move well at every age and stage of their lives.

Drawing on real-life client scenarios, key concepts and research, our goal is to make the program relevant, multi-faceted, practical and experiential so you leave with a sense of accomplishment and eagerness to get out there and apply what you have learned!

Our mission

The mission of Body Harmonics Teacher Training is to share our extensive Pilates and movement knowledge and experience with others and create a positive environment that promotes and encourages lifelong learning.

Our vision

Our vision is to make Body Harmonics Teacher Training accessible worldwide to anyone interested in learning the best ways to help others discover the power of optimal movement.

Our philosophy

At Body Harmonics, we believe in science-based, hands-on, learner-centred education. Using a variety of methods—lecture, observation and movement labs, master classes, discussion and written materials—we aim to create interactive learning opportunities that encourage students to ask questions, seek answers, make suggestions and engage in a dialogue. We believe that questions are often more important than answers, that there is often more than one answer, and that there are many ways to solve a movement challenge.

Fostering this type of discovery is the best way to develop the knowledge, technical skills, kinesthetic sensitivity, critical analysis and reflection necessary to become a successful Pilates and movement teacher.

Our goals

At Body Harmonics, we want to provide the tools that you, as a Pilates and movement educator, need to help people move with as much ease and integrity as possible. We are here to share the faculty’s strong knowledge base of functional anatomy, expertise in presenting complex processes clearly, and ability to create a positive learning environment so you can flourish.

We also aim to:

  • Develop Pilates and movement professionals with exceptional competence, confidence and commitment to sharing the miracle of human movement with others
  • Deliver programming that is science-driven, creative and based on thoughtful solutions
  • Support Pilates and movement professionals with lifelong learning, mentorship and career development opportunities

Our Faculty

Andrea Palen, Pilates Teacher, Nutritionist

Bonnie Jeng, B.Sc., PT

Clarissa Pena, B.Sc., PT

Deena Osborne, Pilates Teacher, Fascial Stretch Therapist

Elizabeth Crawford, M.Sc., PT

Jane Aronovitch, MBA

Larisa Makuch, B.A.Soc

Margot McKinnon, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed

Nancy McKinnon, B.A.Sc., Dip. Wellness & Lifestyle Management

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Affiliate Teacher Training Centres


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Special Insurance Rates for Body Harmonics Trained Teachers


Body Harmonics Pilates trained teachers based in Canada receive 10% discount on professional liability insurance with Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada. Submit your completed application form with a copy of your current diploma. Once your information is approved, the company will charge the premium specified on the form minus 10%.

United States

Our US-based Pilates trained teachers receive 25% discount on all-inclusive insurance with Pilates Insurance Plus. In addition, the company offers the special student rate of $25 for those currently completing the program requirements.

Get a Tuition Tax Credit

Our Pilates Comprehensive Track tuition fees can be applied towards the tuition tax credit with Canada Revenue Agency. Email for details.